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Energy & Construction

CBB Law has extensive experience in the energy sector and advises industrial groups and investment funds on the construction, purchase or sale of power plants and companies operating the same. We assist in the negotiation of contractual, corporate, real estate and banking agreements, drafting of commercial and corporate joint venture agreements, development of project finance as well as energy efficiency projects.


Leading producers and traders in the oil & gas as well as renewable energy sectors require CBB Law’s assistance in the aforementioned areas, in contractual matters (agreements for the sale and purchase of raw materials, fuels and other commodities, contracts for the supply of energy, biomass or by-products for energy production, other agreements in the agro-energy supply chain, EPC and O&M contracts for the construction, operation and maintenance of plants) as well as in litigation, including arbitration proceedings.


CBB Law is often involved in transactions in the domestic and international infrastructure sector (including governed by harmonized contractual terms and conditions and FIDIC model contracts for the construction sector), especially in the health, port, mobility and sports sectors, offering assistance in all phases of the project, from the preparation of tender documents, to the negotiation, drafting and performance of contracts.


Our professionals have also gained significant experience in connection with the drafting and management of private tender contracts and sub-contracts for civil works and other contractor or professional services contracts, also delving into aspects related to the liability of construction companies and designers.


Finally, we assist our clients in the preparation of all kinds of ancillary agreements connected to the main contracts, e.g., supply agreements, sub-contracting agreements, performance bonds, financing transactions related to the construction of works and facilities, outsourcing agreements and joint venture agreements.

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