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Commercial contracts

CBB Law has always supported its clients in carrying out their respective business. We provide assistance in designing the activities of the ordinary course of business, as well as specific projects, including those featuring elements of particular complexity or innovation. Our professionals are, furthermore, a point of reference for the entrepreneurs and corporate departments in dealing with every contingency arising from the current business.


The specialised experience of our professionals in an array of industrial and commercial sectors enables us to fully understand the needs and expectations of any business, to liaise effectively with internal departments, as well as with the top management, and to propose the most efficient and tailored technical solutions to regulate commercial relationships and, where necessary, to settle any disagreement between contracting parties.


In particular, we support companies in the processes of internationalization and commercial expansion abroad, both for the purpose of the penetration of new markets and the diversification of sources of supply. In fact, CBB Law has consolidated experience in negotiating and drafting contracts to regulate all relationships between operators active at different levels of the supply and distribution chain. For example, distribution, sales concession, agency, brokerage, supply, sub-contracting, sourcing, outsourcing, private-label, sale and purchase, transportation and logistics agreements.

We ensure the compliance of domestic and international business contracts with the applicable regulations, including both immediately enforceable and nationally transposed European law, that place limitations on the parties’ freedom of contract or duties of care vis-à-vis the counterparties, for example on matters of competition law, sub-supply relationships and, among those of more recent implementation, unfair trade practices in business-to-business relationships in the agricultural and food supply chain, which impacts several business sectors.


In addition, our proficiency in international conventions, uniform rules and customs for the international trade, and principles of private international law enables us to provide expert advice to facilitate negotiations between our clients and their respective counterparties in trans-national contexts, with reference to all types of commercial contracts.

Our professionals protect the corporate value of client companies through all types of agreements aimed at protecting or increasing their know-how and intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered (as well as, where appropriate, through judicial remedies, including interim measures, to counteract counterfeiting or unfair competition acts). For example, non-disclosure agreements, research and development or technical collaboration contracts, licensing or assignment agreements for patents, trademarks, software and other industrial property rights, regulations for the development and/or joint exploitation of intellectual property rights and design agreements. We also collaborate on the definition of strategies aimed at the protection of inventions, trademarks, designs and other IP rights, including international filings.


We support operators in the consumer goods sector and companies active in the retail market in ensuring compliance of their business practices with the applicable consumer protection legislation, also in the context of distance sales and off-premises sales (including e-commerce, for which we prepare, among others, general terms of contract and terms of use of websites and platforms). In addition, with reference to some of the latest business development leverages, we assist our clients in influencer-marketing initiatives, by partnering with content creators active on various social networks in order to increase awareness and reputation among the general public of valuable business realities, combined with the more traditional activities of promotion, sponsorship and advertising.


Finally, we assist the Italian subsidiaries of multinational companies in revising the group standards elaborated abroad (contracts, general terms and conditions, commercial forms and internal procedures) in order to ensure their compliance with the specificities of Italian regulations and market.

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